Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Grampa

After a weekend of too much fun, I’m having a hard time getting into the blog mode today. I’m spinning with Dad on vacation, the farm and the house needing equal attention. Repair work at the farm and house cleaning around here could keep two men busy full-time. Instead, it’s me. So the writing gets the brunt of my busy schedule and I would rather it was the other way around, but with twenty cows ready to calve in a week or two, it’s hard to justify letting fences go so I can spend time with Luke and Taylor. I did get a dark sci-fi story outlined some today. Really happy about that. Several markets are looking for dark sci-fi and it gives me a new genre to try.

I finished reading Jim Harrison’s Dalva last week and moved on to A Good Day to Die. Good title, if not a little depressing. I’m also reading Elizabeth George’s Write Away, continuing the Stephanie Plum saga, and read Evanovich’s How I Write, all of which give me great ideas. I swear in taking the summer off to learn and read and work on the craft of writing, I’ve learned more and done more work than I did my entire college career.

I wanted to blog on something important today, but looks like that just didn’t happen. Oh well. At least I wrote fucking something. I promise a better blog tomorrow on animal behavior or books or something.

P.S. Yesterday would have been my grandpa’s 86th birthday, I think. Just figured anyone who knew him might wanna know.