Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Got the farmer hat on

Just spent two days cleaning the house and doing construction projects on the farm. Shit, am I tired. Let’s just say three women store their shit at my dad’s house and only one of them lives here.

The farm projects have needed done for awhile. I’ve got cows with udders filling up even as the Olympic swimmers dive in tonight. So in order to get them to the area where I’d prefer they calve (my cows have a way of ignoring what I want), we needed to patch some sagging fences, fix some broken and tattered fences, and do some overall maintenance.

I also went and looked for a new dog today. It breaks my heart to think about having just Zip around after Max goes to the big woodchuck killing arena in the sky. And I think Zippy will be pretty sad too. But, sadly, we didn’t come home with any new four-legged friends. Looking at the dog totem, it stands for (unsurprisingly) faithfulness and protection. It’s recommended to look at the individual breed(s) an individual is drawn to in order to illuminate the world further, as different dogs mean different things. Studying the dogs in your life reveals a lot about you.

The bull/cow totem, on the other hand, stands for fertility, respectively masculine or feminine. The curve of the bull’s horns symbolizes the coming together of the male and female. Because the bull “brought nourishment through sacrifice,” the bovine totem symbolizes “fertility through sacrifice” (Ted Andrews, Animal-Speak).

Sorry for this disjointed blog tonight (or maybe it just seems that way since my eyes keep crossing). I’ll do better tomorrow.