Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"To see you naked is to recall the Earth." (Federico Garcia Lorca)

I’m wearing a blue tee today that says barenaked physical ed. on it. Gotta love Steve and Barry’s. Thanks to a shopping trip with the girls yesterday, I’m appreciating my solitude today. Shopping with a Caribbean is always a lesson in patience. They look at everything twenty times. I’ve waited for over an hour before, after finishing with my grocery shopping, for Caribbean friends to finish theirs. I’m not complaining, I’m just noting a cultural difference... or the fact that I shop like a guy. Know what I need, look for it, don’t find it and leave, or buy it and leave. I’m not as bad as a guy, but when I shop I like to keep moving. Talking is great, but so is a good hustle. Unless it’s a book store. At that point, just change my address.

In honor of the pink (I know, pink is a mental disease, not a color) elephant boxers I bought yesterday, I decided to add a little side note on elephants since they remind me of big cows. The elephant is a very sacred creature. Like cattle, they are a symbol of fertility. They can be vengeful if wronged and show a great interest in death and dying, displaying sorrow over the death of loved ones. Those with elephant totems should pay attention to clouds, or the mist that separates worlds, as well as smells. Elephants smell very well and those with this totem may find scents open doors for them. Family is also an important element with the elephant totem. Check out Ted Andrews’ Animal-Speak for more info. Also, Nature on PBS produced "Nature: Echo of the Elephants" and "Echo and Other Elephants." I think I’ve seen both and they rocked.

I gave up on 100 Years of Solitude. Good book, but too deep for me. Try it again next time. I’ve got so much reading right now it’s ridiculous. And of course I got another book yesterday, but I couldn’t pass it up. It’s called The Compassionate Carnivore by Catherine Friend. It’s about sustainable ag and animal husbandry. Hard to get more up my alley than that without a dragon or a dog. So I guess the rest of the day will go to Taylor and writing practice as well as some major reading on Lorca, which is due back, and some Loreena McKennitt for background noise. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even go sit out on the porch today. :-)