Saturday, September 27, 2008

"He taught me housekeeping; when I divorce I keep the house." (Zsa Zsa Gabor)

I am amazingly brain dead today. Got a submission off to Alaska Quarterly. Checked cows. Read. It’s a Saturday. Dad’s off doing siding and the cows are quiet. The writing is still rough going, so since I am such a dipass today, here’s the half-ass blogs from the past few days.

Big Bug was up nursing like a banshee when I did chores this morning. He’s still huge, but at least he isn’t dumb. I told 59R she let this one incubate too long. It’s almost anticlimactic after yesterday, almost boring around here. I like it. Of course, there are still two more cows, at least, who could decide to calve at any given moment. Oh the joys of calving. Not that I didn’t know about them when I signed on, but other people are learning what is it like to hang around with a farm girl during calving season, a whole lot of, “Yeah, we can go (insert activity here). So long as no one’s calving.” Inevitably, either someone is calving or something else goes to shit. The past few nights though I’ve passed on going out to ride horses with Dad. There’s another horse in my case rather than another man.

So today is a writing day, where yesterday was a farming day. It’s proving difficult to switch brains. But I’m whining.

Got another live one on the ground. 27S, one of my first calve heifers, had a little bull calf this afternoon. It was a good day to be born. He’s got all four legs, all two heads… just kidding.

Watching “A Great Deliverance,” the BBC Mystery! version of Elizabeth George’s novel of the same name. It stays relatively true to the novel, better than most book-turned-films.

And back to today. Hopefully the writing process gets better than it’s been. The calves are all doing very well and it looks like a quiet upcoming week.