Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Puppy!!!!!

106P made a liar out of me and had a bull calf last night. Meanest cow on the place is off the worry list now. Which is good because Joseph gave me his illness. Just allergies my ass. See if I trust his personal diagnosis again. All this down time I ought to be getting some work done, but my ears ache and I’m doing good to keep pumping myself with zicam and Halls, both of which upset my stomach. (Sorry, y’all got whiny Axie tonight.)

We banded three bull calves today. We’d let 3U go and 4U, the big baby out of 59R, got special treatment since he’d had a trauma birth, and then 106P is too unpredictable to chance getting near her calf again until weaning, so we banded him too. Just a note, always iodine the navel last, especially if you still need to band the bull’s balls. The result: hands that look like leprosy, at least according to Dad.

An old-time cold remedy has me up and running today. I got desperate last night and tried a homemade cold cure consisting of horseradish, ginger, garlic, onion, and cayenne peppers. I don’t smell good, but I sure feel better. The sore throat is nearly gone and a little cough remains, but I feel stronger and more motivated. So it’s all playing catch-up today. I didn’t get all my writing done last week.

Seems like I can’t even complete a blog entry this week, let alone anything else. But we got a new puppy yesterday so things are in a little upheaval today. I’m torn between trying to work and trying to play with the new heeler. I’ll put pics of Maxine up as soon as I take them.