Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"It takes a long time to become young." (Pablo Picasso)

Here’s a question: where does imagination end and meditation begin? I’ve been making a study of spirituality lately, and meditation, of course, figures into it. I’ve always had an active imagination and have been trying to tap into it more lately, rediscover how to play. I think too many people lose this ability as they grow older, the one people used to prize children for, the ability to live in reality but see another world as well. Anyway, the exercises for meditation send me into great fantasies, even when I’m awake and talking to someone. So my question for my faith is what is meditation and what is imagination? Are they sometimes one in the same or am I going about it all wrong?

On a more practical note, the calf is doing well and I can’t figure out why 59P hasn’t explored or coughed and had her calves fall out. That’s right. I said calves. Cows can twin and mine do so more than most, or so it seems like. 59P hasn’t twinned before, but her momma has, I’m sure. And the cow is as wide as she is tall right now, which she never is before she calves. It looks like she has saddle bags right now, one calf on one side and one on the other. It looked the other day like one calf had dropped and the poor cow kept licking the higher side and looking intently back at her stomach like, “Hey. Hey-hey-hey! Get a move on! Let’s goooooo!” Can’t blame her though with all that calf in there making noise.

I need to get out more. The cows have started talking to me.

Oh well, it could be worse. Some people I used to know could be talking to me. Move three times in a year and quit returning phone calls: my recipe for losing friends. :-) Aside from that, I started behind this week and the guilt-ridden little man in my head is beating me over the head with his umbrella to “fucking move my lard ass.” Gotta heed the little man sometimes.