Monday, October 13, 2008

Doing wood and delivering beef

Can’t believe how many days it’s been since I blogged. I got kinda sidetracked this weekend. Jamie didn’t help. Neither did the hangover. Well, paybacks are hell and no one can make me feel worse about myself than can me, myself, and I.

We picked up the steer today. All 900 pounds of him. We’ve got most of it sold, but several eighths pending. We usually sell by the quarter, but few wanted that much, so we split it into eighths. Gotta go with what the market wants.

Today looks like the last of our good weather. We’ll probably have to start the wood stove soon. And once that thing starts, it becomes its own entity and runs clear through until May. Better than paying for propane I guess and as long as we log our woods responsibly, it’s much more eco-friendly.

The calves are all doing great. The last five cows have stalled and seem to have no intentions of calving during the last of the good weather. Oh well. Their loss.

This entry isn’t very interesting today. Sorry. But I just finished a very difficult workout and really just want to go hang out on the porch with my puppy(ies) and enjoy the day.