Saturday, October 18, 2008

General Update

Jeeze, it’s easy to tell that I’ve been working on pen and paper lately, what with all the blogging I’ve gotten done. Made a lot of progress this week, or at least a lot of pages. 888H calved the other day, twins, that are doing much better than initially, since neither one of them could figure out which cow they went to, and Essential (888H) could pretty much give a damn. This is her third set of twins in four years, who can blame her? 119M calved last night, another bull calf (that’s seven to date for those counting). We had to tube him since he was born so knuckled over and stiff that he couldn’t get his shit together. He’s much better today. The Bose really helped, I think. Big boy, though. Another hundred pounder. And 062K calved early this morning. Sniper bitch. Looked at her last night and never would have guessed she’d drop a calf in the next twelve hours. Oh well. At least lucky number 10U turned out a heifer. Can always count on Pammy. (Yes, some of my cows have names and numbers. Got a problem with it?)

Anyway, it’s a Saturday night and I’m trying to get psyched up to work out. Admittedly, I rather drink four more beers and pass out with some fresh baked cookies, but I’ll take what I can get. Who knows? That might be in the cards after my workout. Nothing more exciting will since my honey is still up north. Oh well. I can curl up with Shakespeare or Wives and Daughters tonight. Have a good one.

P.S. Maxine is doing well. Very oral in her exploration of the world, but well. It's just the coming, sitting, staying, get out of that, and peeing in the house thing she's not yet mastered.