Thursday, October 2, 2008

Try not to have a good time... this is supposed to be educational. (Charles M. Schulz)

I took these last night before I started coughing and had to go inside.
Pretty little Miss Maxine. She likes playing with Zip in the yard... and stealing his beloved frisbee, which he has to tackle her to get back... (sigh).
She's watching Zip chase the frisbee.
Here she's stalking him and he's watching me, camera phone in hand, waiting for me to throw said frisbee.

I just had to separate my heelers due to the puppy beating the shit out of Zippy. Okay, so not really, but she was getting too excited and I was concerned he’d retaliate the heeler way. I’d hate to have to get a new puppy due to shaken puppy syndrome. Overall, Maxine seems to be getting along quite nicely. She’s very sharp and already seems to have good manners. Zip isn’t always the most patient of dogs so we only let the two of them hang out with an adult present (yeah, I know, but Dad and I are as close to adults as this house is ever gonna get).

I’m feeling better today, just slow. I think all I succeeded in doing was speed up the length of the disease. Joe said it took two weeks to get over and I think I’ve nearly kicked it in five days. Home remedies get ‘er done but make your breath stink and your stomach sour.

I’m through the first part of The Moonstone. I like Mr. Betteridge a lot and feel so sorry for Roseanna Spearman. (How are those for great names? The whole book is chockfull of them.) Even if Dickens bores you, The Moonstone is a great example of distinct characters and patterns of speech. Right down to the bit with the dog with the sore ears. Bleak House by Dickens is another book with characters like that, probably all Dickens is, but I’m left rather cold by most of his works, save Bleak House and Oliver Twist. David Copperfield seems so whiney and long winded and, well honestly, I’ve never had it in me to tackle much more. As a friend said while I was reading Bleak House, all Dickens makes one rather bleak. I’m not knocking Dickens as a writer, he’s great. But it’s just not what I enjoy reading. More of a Jane Austen or Bronte sisters fan myself. It’s the girl in me that I keep seriously repressed. :-)

My own writing has taken a hit this week, but I’ve been turning out lots of pages, albeit nothing of much consequence lately, in terms of writing practice. I’ve been turning inward, really analyzing the flaws in Taylor. I know they are there. Just trying to make the best book I can, right now, before going on to something else. If I learned nothing else from my stint with "XY Rated," my college portfolio, it’s that beating a dead horse gets wearisome, especially for the horse.