Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The difference between sex and love - love is a tragedy.

Okay, to catch up. Richard and I had dinner on Friday and discussed the book some. He’s an old friend of my Dad’s and has known me since I was grasshopper sized. So the sex in the book took him a little by surprise, but he was full of good feedback and helped me think about character motivation, etc. I spent the weekend in a kind of haze, stuck on the book and watching movies. I drew some. I brooded much. And after we did book club/writing group on Monday, I was ready to jump back into the book with both feet. And I got pages last night.

Zip has had a nervous belly lately and keeps, uhm, well, shitting in the house. Maxine, on the other hand, is going most of the night without incident. Damn dogs anyway. It’s a good thing they’re cute. I’ve been in the process of getting all the vaccinations and wormers around to dose the cows, sort off the culls, and turn the bulls in for breeding. At least we only have to do the whole herd once a year. Maxine has a vet appointment for this afternoon, just a checkup, and hopefully they can tell me she’s perfect in every way again. After dealing with Zip this week, she seems more like it.

Well, the cattle drugs just came, so we’re all set for that, and I had to call Dad to remind him about Maxine’s appointment. She is getting so big. And smart. She hears everything. All right, I better quit before I start gushing like a proud heeler mom. (I am.)