Saturday, November 8, 2008

I started writing to please myself, a story I would like to read, and that is still true. (Jean M. Auel)

It’s been a slow week in terms of writing. Not a lot of words after Monday. Did a lot of reading. Did some cow doctoring. I’ve given 17S almost all the banamine and dex I can. We’ll see how she fares the next few days. A cow on withdrawal from penicillin is easier to deal with than a dead one.

I finished Wives and Daughters yesterday. Today I got done with Kim Harrison’s A Fistful of Charms. I like her work, but for some reason this book read slower than the others and I had a harder time keeping track of who was mad at whom and what the hell the plan was. Probably my skitterbrained concentration rather than her writing. Now I’m reading Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman. Thought it would be a nice change since, like Chocolat, it’s fiction that deals with magic rather than fantasy that deals with magic. It’s a word thing, I guess.

I’m cooking a big dinner and cake tomorrow for my birthday. My gram almost had a fit that I was making my own birthday cake and supper until I told her about the leg of lamb, marsala mushrooms, and topped it with chocolate-caramel cheesecake. “Oh,” she said, “I can come then.” She’s so cute. And only mildly crazy. But we all agree that’s a medication issue. Anyway, I’m really excited about tomorrow. Granted, it’s kind of birthday week around my house. What can I say? I’m the favorite. I’m also obviously an only child. But I think Dad and Gram would still make a big deal, even if I had a little sibling.

So, totally behind the rest of the world as usual, I discovered new music this week. Garbage, Hooverphonic, and of course the new Hinder is awesome. Also K’s choice is pretty good. It’s a new sound for me, and it suits my mood lately. Promises to make good writing music. I guess it’s a late expression of teenage angst, now that I’m well past teenage angst. Still loving the band Thousand Days, but Rhapsody doesn’t have them, so that sucks.

I took a crash course in palmistry this week. I know. I know. Hooky. But I needed something for Kaz to make Taylor trust him. Besides her ongoing desire to irritate Bryen. I mean who invites a stranger into their house? Especially one known for skinning people to assume their shape and power? And besides, Kaz needed a hobby. And its February, so gardening is out. And tarot takes too long. Tay is a little too impatient to wait around for a draw. And Kaz needed something to make an impression on her. So palmistry it was. (Little spoiler: he read her cards too, earlier. Total cheater.) But when working with Tay, cheaters rather prosper. No wonder she failed high school the first time.