Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More calving fun

Not necessarily a tragedy this morning, but life on the farm definitely happened. 17S is one of the last cows to go, and a first calve heifer, which means the disaster potential rises like 50%. Everything looked normal. Everything smelled and felt normal. But, lo and behold, it wasn’t normal. We came out this morning to a dead calf (DOA at least) and a downer cow. At least she was one I planned to cull anyway. Hopefully we can get her back on her feet and across the scales. I just came back to the house to eat breakfast. There’s not a lot to do for down cows, as far as I know. We gave her hay and water, so she’s comfortable at least, or as comfortable as one can be without having use of one’s back legs. I’m thinking pinched nerve, or calving paralysis. Which could have happened anyway even if we pulled the calf. It would be so much easier if these cows could talk. But, thinking of how badly they’d curse us sometimes, perhaps it’s better that they can’t. Anyway, that’s partly why my character Taylor has the magic that she does. It’s so frustrating having all the amenities in the world and still be powerless to battle against the perils of being born. Isn’t that sad? All the superpowers in the world to chose for my heroine and I chose being able to smell calving problems, among others. Guess we can all see where my life’s frustrations lie. A good movie for those interested in cows and the human-cow relationship is put out by Nature, called “Holy Cow.”

We’re going to do some pre-birthday shopping today, after we check out my downer cow. Not a cheery start to that, but hey, it’s part of farming. Well, I need to get my workout in and maybe bathe my rancid dog. Zip got into the gods know what last night and reeks to the seventh ring of hell.