Thursday, November 13, 2008


Sickish and in bed today. Yeah, I could probably power through, keep working, make myself sicker, but I don’t need to, so I’m not. I’m wimping out with old-fashioned cold remedies and new fashioned Ibuprofen. Hopefully I can still get some work done, despite the draining lethargy.

They say we’ll have snow this weekend. Unlike the rest of the population of the state, it gets me a little excited. There’s nothing more soothing than laying down in bed at night and watching snow fall in the moon light. Like a big comfy blanket.

The sun finally came out this afternoon. I’ve written this entry in fits and starts today. So I’ve got 2500 words so far today and still feel like shit. Yey. Need to get outside and get some fresh air. Maybe that’ll help. Maybe me stopping the whining will help everyone’s day. I’ll try for upbeat Ax tomorrow.