Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My ambition is to be happy. (Penelope Cruz)

I’m actually getting pages today, yey! And 17S walked her ass up to the barn this morning, in time for the rain coming this week. Even better. And 65S is still recovering well after her trauma birth on Sunday. She and 17S are rehab buddies. Essential and her calves might be soon to join them. My poor old cow is having a rough time this year and we want to find her a pen where she won’t be with the bull when we turn him in with the cows, where she doesn’t have to move around much, since she has such a hard time of it. Hopefully a good foot trim and a dry year will have her back in calving shape. She’s only ten and beef cows can have a productive life until 12 years or so.

I finally got my mountain of chocolaty cheesecake goodness given away. It was a devastating pile of chocolate and caramel richness that exploded in your mouth and demanded a large glass of milk. Heaven.

Had a good time at writing group last night. Then I got pages at Joe’s while waiting on him to get home from class. New experience: writing at the not-boyfriend’s. Productive though when I can’t go scrub the toilet or do the laundry to procrastinate. Unlike today where I’m writing in bed and watching a movie and petting the dog with my foot.

Oh god, college classroom on the movie I’m watching. Major panic attack. So glad I didn’t run off to grad school. I still have nightmares about missing papers or going to class naked and not realizing it until I show up for the wrong class at the wrong time.