Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Holistic Managment without Robots

It bothers me when people say that farmers, especially cattle farmers, are the largest contributors to climate change and global warming. The issue, to me, seems related to the industrialization of farming practices, such as feedlots and factory farms. Traditional farming works to maintain a balance of animals and land, whereas feedlots and factory farms cram as many animals into a space as they can. It’s unsustainable. I’m not against the people that choose to farm this way. I’m against a society so removed from its food source that these practices have to be relied upon. It’s unhealthy for the animals we consume and unhealthy for the humans that consume the animals. I found this website, Holistic Management, last night and looking into it today found a page about cattle and their contribution to global climate.

Over all, there are no easy answers for changing the world, but, as I learned from reading sociologist C. Wright Mills' book, The Sociological Imagination, the first step to a true democracy is an educated society, not a bunch of robots programmed to respond to certain stimuli in a specific way.