Thursday, December 4, 2008

I have writer's jam; and it don't taste like strawberries.

I’m completely jammed on the book today. Got to a point last night where whatever I’d done before just flat didn’t work. So I’ve spent the day trying to get unjammed, revisiting past plot points, etc.


But after some severe rewrites and a beer or six, I’m sure I’ll get back on track. Tay and I just need to reconnect (yeah, hippy-dippy-sunshine shit, but it works).

It’s been snowing all day and they’re calling for snow from here ‘til March. So far the calves all seem fine. I was worried about sickness in all this cold and damp, but they seem fine. The bull keeps romancing the cows and the horses got their feetsies trimmed today. So far they’re wintering fine on the pond across the road along with the young bull and his two ladies.

Maybe I need a night out. I’ve been really going at the book for several days. Maybe some time off would help. Clean the house, cook, knit, let my brain rest a little. All work and no play is, well, Axie-like.