Friday, December 5, 2008

Goth nails and leftover pizza

I got through the jam yesterday. YEY! It took a night in jammie pants, pizza, chocolate chip cookies, and beer, but I got it and sailed on for 3,400 words. I’m trying to step up the word count and its working. If I keep it up, I should be done with this version of the book in fourteen days. That is if it doesn’t go over 100,000 words. I’m trying not to do that. 80,000 sounds more appropriate. Today I need to spend some serious quality time with my villain. Joy. An afternoon with a bunch of self-righteous sexual sadists. Of course, they don’t see themselves that way. Why couldn’t I write satire and have mocking cardboard cut-out bad guys? Silly me, I wanted sympathetic bad guys.

The plow truck just roared through. It’s all snowy today and very cozy. I read a chapter in A Short History of Nearly Everything that kinda freaked me out. It was all about bacteria and other little creatures that feed on larger mammals and cause disease. Apparently it’s a miracle bacteria don’t wipe out all larger animals. Of course, being that effective would wipe out their food source. Anyway, it was incredibly interesting. If I ever design a home school curriculum, this book would defiantly top the list for science readings.

Worked all afternoon and got 600 words. Granted, it was a particularly difficult section and I’ve been pushing really hard all week, but it’s disappointing. I hate haggling for every word. I don’t have many days like this. I’m not sure if that’s something to look forward to or something to dread. So it’s another Friday night at the desk, tapping out what I can and painting my nails black when I can’t. Goth farmer nails mean bad writing day. At least it made my grandma laugh.