Monday, December 8, 2008

A weekend very nearly off

I tried to take the weekend off. I really did. But after Friday’s writing disaster, I found myself mulling and stewing over the problems in the book, watching movie after movie and going through a large ball of yarn in the name of progress. The good news is that I worked out what bothered me in the plot/characters. The downside is I didn’t get a weekend mental break. Even today, after more or less cleaning the house, I’m back at my desk looking up demons for Taylor to fight and trying to rename the breed of demon that cut her tramp stamp. (Does that qualify as a spoiler? Oh well.) I do plan on doing my Christmas shopping this week, but that qualifies as medieval torture without the pear-shaped apparatus (yeah, stuff of nightmares) rather than a study break. I do have writing groups though, so that should at least take me out of my own head for a few minutes.

Other than a little research diversion, I did end up taking most of the day to clean and knit and chill. I think I’m refreshed for tomorrow, thankfully. I need to make pages. But I’ve got some great new ideas to start on, so that’ll be fun.

I’ve been laboring through the giant middle of The Count of Monte Cristo. After Edmond breaks out of prison and completes his good works, there’s a section that takes place in Rome and France. A little dull, but necessary for the plot. It’s a good book to live with for awhile. The premise of a good man bent on vengeance intrigues me. I’ve been writing so much, I haven’t been reading a lot, other than The Count of Monte Cristo and A Short History of Nearly Everything. Neither one are short so I’ll be glad to get to Sellevision by Augusten Borroughs or something similar.