Monday, January 19, 2009

Bibliophile strikes back

Despite the best of intentions last Thursday, the best laid plans go awry. I missed my dentist appointment, which we rescheduled for later in the day, then ran home to workout, do the farm with Dad, then a night out with Joe, which I needed as I’ve been banging my head against a brick wall in the creative department lately. We saw Gran Torino. Awesome, awesome film. I'm so-so about Clint Eastwood, but this movie was so well done that we talked about it extensively afterward. We watch a lot of movies and some are only passing jokes, like "Oh, you don't want to see Fool's Gold again? Why? It didn't suck enough the first time?"

The weekend went to hell after that. We caught a late breakfast on Friday and I went home to keep warm in front of PBS with a book, a nap, and cookie baking. Saturday and Sunday were more of the same. But, I finished Dracula, Sellevision, an anthology I’ve been working on since June, Harry Potter #7 (read that in a day, couldn’t even put it down to weight train), and started like three or four other books last night. Yeah, I’m a nerd. Also working my way through Smashed by Koren Zailckas and boy does that bring back memories of blackouts past, or rather it didn't. Anyway, not a must read, but very interesting.

So it’s back to checking email and writing, both of which I severely neglected at the end of last week. It’s too cold to work properly some days, especially the ones where the sun never comes out. But today is beautiful, got a fairly early start (already been to town and back), and have a poem under my belt. Dana and I have got our writing/reading group back in motion after the holidays and have big plans for discussion and query/synopses today. Hey, we worked together all through my college papers, might as well join forces trying to market a book. Other than that, it’s cold, I’ve found some yoga routines I like (after years of trying and failing), and if the water hydrant in the barn ever thaws out again, we’ll have it goin’ on.


Rowenna Miller Hamper said...

Please, do tell of these yoga routines...I keep trying and getting about five minutes that I enjoy, then fading out again. I'll keep Gran Torino in mind for a cold afternoon sometime.