Friday, January 23, 2009

Licktubs and hand grenades. (I couldn't think up anything better. Sorry.)

Friday all ready. Where did the week go? Not terribly successful for me, I’m afraid, so hopefully others were more inspired. It’s warmer today, so that’s a relief. Even I’m feeling the drag of winter. The cattle are loving their lick tubs and go through round bales at a less alarming rate. The other night, Maxine ran circles around the calves, who in turn tried to chase her, and Zip got upset at the calves chasing his little sister and started growling at them. Quite the show. Gotta make our own fun this time of year.

Writing has been as slow as the weather. My muse hasn’t forgiven me for the brutal last rewrite. So I read and watch movies, trying to feed the creative side and inspire words on the page. I know I go through these phases of seeming inactivity followed by flurries of work, but each time there’s the insecurity that the flurry will never come. But I’m whining, and whining never gets one anywhere.

I’m reading a Diana Gabaldon novel, Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade. Can’t put it down. I love how rich Gabaldon’s prose is and the quality of the story is just excellent. And Jamie Fraser? Who doesn’t sit back and go “Damn! Wish I’d written about him.” Just one of those larger than life characters that makes one go all warm and fuzzy.


I’ll be glad to get out of the house this weekend. I got my car back after a week. It spent that time in the shop getting repaired after a minor accident. Someone backed into the car at a party and dented the back end. No one was hurt or even in my car at the time, so it’s all good. But it feels good to have wheels again, even if I didn’t really need to go anywhere. Yesterday was the only day it was a problem, since Dad left the heat lamp on the hydrant in the barn and went to work before realizing he’d left it on. Keep in mind the heat lamp gets scalding hot and smoke comes out of the ground when it’s left on for awhile. And the hydrant is right next to a wooden post. Can anyone say fire hazard? So, unable to drive to the farm myself, and Gram was gone, I had to call around and get a ride down to shut off the heat lamp before it lit the barn on fire. Good times.