Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Two day's worth of blogs in one

It’s been overcast and rather depressing today, even though I’m not one very inclined to the winter blues. The water hydrants are frozen as usual and Maxine is bored as hell. At least they scraped the road on the way to the farm. I almost lost control of the truck and ditched it last night when I went down to pull out a truck stuck in the woods for Dad. I just looked outside and it’s blowing snow. Lovely.

The jury is still out on if bucketing water to the cows in the barn or running hoses from the milk house is the harder chore. By yourself? Probably about the same. The hydrant in the barn was still frozen tonight so I ran hoses from the hydrant by the milk house to Essential and the still-lame cow in the barn. It seemed easier than toting five-gallon water buckets over icy and uneven shit piles. Dad’s been dealing with most of the farm stuff, but he was busy today, so I got to muck it all up instead. No, it’s not as bad as all that. I just get annoyed because it takes me ten or twenty times longer to feed hay than it does Dad. He’s done it for years, so he knows how to maneuver things. But I won’t learn if I don’t do it. See how far that college education is getting me?

I’m not good at meditation. I’m too active, thinking too much. Images and imagined situations invade, whether I’m acknowledging thoughts and not interacting with them or trying to chant or imagine a flame. But today I’m trying to focus down due to an assignment from a project I’ve been working on. So I did a little research on meditation and found these sites useful.
How to Meditate
Discovery Channel - Meditation
Meditation Handbook

It snowed most of the night, I think. Presumably the water hydrant in the barn is still frozen, but I asked Dad to plug in the heat tape so maybe I’ll have something moving by this afternoon. It was pretty cool watering at and after dark last night. Little Peg-Leg Joe (no longer so peg-legged) kept smelling the hose and following me back and forth from the hydrant to the barn and back. He’s just like his momma, chillin’. 119M has always been a pretty laid back cow and seems happy about most everything.

Well, better get meditating. And writing. Urg. No ideas. Yesterday was a wash... I'm this close to starting spring cleaning or baking bread, I'm that frustrated.