Friday, January 9, 2009

Bedknobs, broomsticks, and escaped calves

It’s been a good week so far. We had a bunch of visitors on Wednesday night. Drank a lot of beer and had a lot of laughs, so it’s all good. Writing went fair yesterday, and the day before, but the new story I’m working on doesn’t flow like Taylor usually does. Nina is touchier. I can’t push for words with her the way I can with Taylor. Taylor likes the punishment, I think. Nina just shuts down. It’s sad, isn’t it, how these characters become like real people when writer’s talk about them. Maybe not sad, just… interesting.

Gram called a little bit ago to say a calf or two was out. They duck into the hay barn and then can’t find their way back out again. Most of them have the trick down, but some of them like a little walk-about before going back with mom. Like teenagers going to the movies alone for the first time.

I’ve been re-reading the Harry Potter series this week. Don’t laugh. After Monte Cristo, Shakespeare, and Wives and Daughters, I needed a break. And Dracula gives me nightmares. Not that that is anything new. I haven’t made it through book 6 and 7 before, so I’m pretty excited. It’s been several years since I read any of the other books, so this seemed like a good time. It’s a fun series and one of the few I hate putting down to go to sleep.

We received a wild goose as a gift from a neighbor who hunted our property the other day. I get to learn how to cook it. I’ve never cooked goose before. I’ve been looking up recipes the past couple of days and will try my hand at it tonight. Keep your fingers crossed.