Monday, March 9, 2009

I'd rather throw firewood than a bowling ball.


It’s a lovely sixty degree day here in Grand Ledge, Michigan. Or around the river bend, as my great aunt used to call this area. The sun’s coming out and my car was clean a few days ago for about forty-five minutes, until the dogs jumped in it. I’ve got to look into some old sheets for, like, the whole car. Maxine jumps for the windshield wipers so there are dog prints on the dashboard and ceiling. (Don’t ask.) It’s getting that time of year where no one can stand being inside anymore and there isn’t enough to do outside yet. Unless you’re Dad. He can find outdoor projects during a blizzard. It’s also the time of year I start getting inklings to clean the house. Spring cleaning for me usually goes over into July, but it ought to be easier this year without a certain ex-someone’s shit stacked from the basement though to the second floor. For some reason the lack of boxes makes it easier to dust and vacuum. I’m really excited about using the run shampooer, especially on the couches. Farm dogs and couches are not good friends. At least not in the dirt and dog hair in the house sense. And even better than cleaning, we get to start plants soon and that’s very fun. I’ve never started garden plants indoors before, but I’m eager to learn. After all, this is why I got fed up with college, no time to get your fingers in the dirt. So one good thing about Michigan’s job loss, I get to gain dirt experience.

It’s rained all weekend. And it looks pretty morose today. We have a lake in the backyard and a sump pump asking for time and a half. Good weekend to read, which I did in abundance. Re-read some old favorites and started Stephen King’s Gunslinger last night. I’m a Stephen King virgin, so I didn’t know what to expect, but so far it’s really interesting. I like the main character, who isn’t likeable at all yet strangely charismatic, a mystery. I mean, he up and shoots the woman he slept with. Wild. And the style is spare and what I call masculine because there isn’t a bunch of description that doesn’t need to be there. Omit. Needless. Words.

I’ve also been reading the online comic The Devil’s Panties. Hilarious. I didn’t quite get the humor at first, but I’ve been going back through the archives and reading old ones and I get it now. One of my favorites is Dec 25, 2002 where the little girl is sitting on Santa’s lap and tells him she wants a Barbie and Xena doll. Doesn’t Barbie come with Ken, Santa asks. No, the little girl says, she comes with Xena and just fakes it with Ken.

So yeah. Loved it. We got seeds and starter pots for the garden this weekend. A very good selection at Lowe's. The pepper plants need started first, 8-10 weeks before frost, followed by tomatoes and eggplants I believe. I even have schemes for an indoor/outdoor herb garden this year will basil, cilantro, and one other than I can't remember right now. It's early and my java hasn't kicked in yet. But I better get my butt down to the farm now that there's enough light to see by and let the cows out to drink. It was raining and blowing too hard last night to open the east barn door. Unless one wanted to take a flying trip to the land of Oz. Have I mentioned how much I fricking hate daylight savings? If I'm ever in hell and find the dumbass prick who invented it, he'll be filleted.


Rowenna said...

My understanding is that Ben Franklin first suggested daylight savings. For that, and the fact that he was a dirty old man, I will forever dislike him.