Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wood and Long Winters

I swear I thought when I got up this morning that I did the blog yesterday. All indications, however, suggest otherwise. Guess I need to quit thinking so hard when I sleep.

Dad and I did wood yesterday, something like seven bucket loads, and we stacked most of it in the wagon so we could fit more in. Lately if he’s gonna make the trip from the farm to the house, Dad wants to make it worthwhile. I’m sore today from working above my head and cursing cuz I’m such a wimp. Time was I never got sore. Of course, I worked a lot harder then and didn’t write nearly this much, was an impossible drunk and suicidally unhappy, so maybe being sore isn’t such a bad deal.

It’s been a strange few days and it still feels like Monday to me. Not in a bad Monday way, just in a haven’t done the whole work thing in the truest sense of the word. But Dad is back to work today, laying linoleum and her sister, so it feels a little more normal around here. If it ever gets normal around here, which I tend to doubt.

Anyway, nothing else that interesting going on. Beautiful weather and I intend on getting outside again today, if nothing else than to walk fences. It’s too nice to stay in and good god its been a long winter.