Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Maxine Update 2

Well the baby girl made it through the night all right. She even made it outside to pee this morning with a great deal of help and is now exhausted and sleeping more or less comfortably. She's alert and wags her tail hard enough to dent things, like usual, so I'm much more optimistic today. She's on one couch, Zip's on the other, and Dad's in his recliner, so it's pretty dead around the Barclay house today. I'm severly sleep-deprived and likely to nod off myself in a minute now that Maxine seems better. I didn't sleep more than an hour or so last night without having to get up and check on her. Worse than winter calf checks. Of course, I didn't have to put on all my clothes and drive to the barn so score. I'll try to refrain from minute to minute updates on all her moans and groans and bodily functions, but for now she's eating and drinking and passing things through her system. I'll write again when I know more. Keep up the happy thoughts.