Friday, March 13, 2009

Maxine Update 4 - Home Again

And here is the baby girl's brand new, reinforced leg.

The Max is home and recovering from surgury. She came through it all like a champ and has a new plate in her leg to match the ones in my jaw. We have a bed on the floor and I'm sitting with her doing the writing thing while she naps. Supposedly, these first few days will be the easiest to keep her down as she's still sore and sleepy. The first two weeks are critical to her recovery and if those go well, she should be back chasing cows in two months, so the middle of May or so. I've been alternatively griping and happy that I work at home lately. Today is one of those days I'm really glad I have this time. And that I'm out of college (oh wait, that's everyday... ;-)