Sunday, March 15, 2009


The Max is getting better every day. She's bored as all hell, so it's getting increasingly difficult to keep her drugged and calm. She can break the bone either at the original break site or above or below the plate if she gets too wild. And no one accounted for how hard her tail whips from side to side, moving her whole body. Talk about the tail wagging the dog, that's exactly what she looks like. Nights have been good. She wakes Dad up to go out and seems to sleep most of the time. Of course, if she was jumping on and off the couch, neither Dad nor I would be any wiser.

Yesterday and today have been beautiful March days with clear skies and mild (for March) weather. Dad even took over the Max-watch so I could get out and walk around outdoors yesterday afternoon. Mostly its been hang with Max and keep her laying down or at least not cavorting around with her kong.

I got a rejection from a magazine yesterday for a story I submitted. No big deal. I guess if it comes down between that and Maxine I'd rather have the rejection, but still. Rejections build character, right? And short stories have never been my thing.

Been reading Stephen King the past few weeks and have really enjoyed the first two books of The Dark Tower series. I never got into horror, but this is more fantasy oriented and I like Roland the Gunslinger a whole lot. The Grand Ledge library has been a wonderful resource lately for books I want to read but don't want to buy. I also read a book on pumas in Michigan that was very informative. After seeing puma tracks when I lived up north, the big cat has intrigued me ever since. My grandparents used the GL library a lot and said they'd get some books that were good and some that were bad and they wouldn't read. I laughed when I got two books last week that I liked and two that I didn't. Gram knows what she's talking about I guess. But the error didn't cost a thing. Gotta love libraries when you just dropped $900 on a damn dog. ;-)