Monday, April 27, 2009

Cow Flu

It's another twoferMonday, people. Sorry about the whinning. I'm not a good sick person. I'm calling it cow flu, where all you feel like doing is laying around and ruminating. Or laying in the sun.

I’m not sick that often. At least it doesn’t seem like it. But this spring has seemed like cold after viral deal after headache. Today is the latter and it just makes me cranky when stabbing pains give me double-vision and shatter all hopes of concentration. Getting any work done goes out the window when it takes all of one’s energy to figure out what settings to put the laundry on.

Okay, I’m done griping.

The weather is beautiful today. Which is a great change from earlier in the week. The lambs are doing great and we have a momma duck sitting on a dozen eggs under the front axle of one of the wagons. So far we’ve kept the dogs out and they haven’t found her. The cattle are starting to complain about the hay and have put in their demands for grass. Hopefully we can hold them a few more days, giving the grass time to grow. Another couple weeks and we’ll have plenty of green stuff, but right now it’s a lean spring. At least it is spring. The onion sets came this week and I hope for good weather to put them in and also pot the tomatoes I’ve got started in the house. The peppers and eggplant are coming along much more slowly, but make steady progress. With any luck, we’ll have potted plants all over the house this weekend. And my famous last words were “no house plants.”

Can’t believe April is almost gone. Dad is back from his Ohio trip and the tomato plants we started are in pots. Now just a few dozen pepper and eggplant starters and we’ll be set. Did I mention I ran out of pots three tomatoes ago?

Anyway, I feel good, which is a nice change. I spent half of last week down with headaches and exhaustion. It seems like most of April went like that, so feeling good is a nice change.

Dad bought twenty Rhode Island Red chicks from TSC over the weekend. They are adorable. I took some pixs and will post them when I get technologically inclined. They’re growing by the minute and already have wing feathers and cute little beaks and beady eyes. The lambs are growing equally as well, though we’re still waiting to see if the white ewe lamb is actually bred or just getting fat. Lightning storms the other night have left the grass a verdant green that never ceases to amaze. My theory is that we forget what nature green looks like during the winters so even if it’s not really green, it seems like it since it’s been so long since we used the part of our eye that sees green. Anyway, it’s pretty.

Dad’s getting the tire fixed on my car this morning. Two flat tires inside of a week has not left either of us very happy. But whaddya do? Gram’s getting new appliances today, new fridge and stove, so that’ll keep her fluttering for a few days. She’s been on this kick that I should write children’s stories since I’m always speculating (obviously wrongly) about what the animals are saying or doing. I just tell her that children’s books can’t have Bessie the cow saying “Goddamn it, quite pulling on my tits you f*%#er!”


Rowenna said...

We planted potatoes at work this week...but had a minor catastrophe with the potted plants. Our ramshackle greenhouse fell no peppers for us this year. Feel better re: headaches!