Sunday, April 19, 2009

Farm Update - Sanity Pending

Busy, busy week. It smells like rain this morning. Yesterday was the first 70 degree day we’ve had and it was great to work outside, horseback ride, and get dirt under my fingernails again. Spring has been a long time coming. It’s not fully coming, however, since it’s supposed to snow and rain again this week. The potatoes, peas, spinach, and radishes I planted the past two days are going to be very, very sad. But, they don’t grow in the package so we’ll see. The tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants we started in the house are coming along well. A big bag of potting soil and I’ll have plants all over the house. Dad says I’m gonna be just like Gram with little gardens all over. I groan, grimly accepting my brutal fate. ;-) At least we’ll have food coming out of my little gardens. Been thinking about putting in some beds around the house to make mowing easier, hosta, mint, and lavender maybe. It’s tight getting the mower there and would help streamline the process. And minimize weeding. We’ll see how much I take after Gram. Of course, my aunt Julia had gardens too.

I haven’t read romance novels for years. Kind of went off that whole love-and-marriage thing. And if I write about love, it’s usually painful and brutal, on both sides, and some of my heroines are tough enough to go blow for blow with their love interest. That just works for me. But I always liked Linda Lael Miller growing up so when her Creed series came out (I mean bad boy rodeo cowboys? Must read). So I did and while its romance and sentimental, the story lines are strong, the prose is pretty crisp and new, and the male characters are major hotties. So recommended summer reading; Logan, Dylan, and Tyler. I breezed through them in a day or so apiece so good beach reads. Bring some water for Tyler.

We had our last set of lambies Friday night. Strong, healthy twins. The big titted ewe is still being a problem, not nursing her lambs and such, but everyone one else seems happy and strong, racing around in the sunshine yesterday. Of course I say last set of lambs and the white ewe lamb will make a liar out of me. Dad and I think she’s springing some. We’ll see. Dad’s back is a lot better. It still catches him but he can move around now and lift things. Which is good. Construction is starting to pick back up (as much as it can right now in Michigan) so he can’t be injured. And with us Barclays, it’s kind of mind over matter. If we don’t mind, it don’t matter. Lol.

P.S. This is my two hundredth post. Thanks for hanging in there people. See? I can talk about farming and writing until everyone's sick of it. :-)