Monday, April 13, 2009

Lambies and lamb chops

Happy Easter everyone! (Or rather day after Easter, but who’s counting?) We had a set of Easter lambs which was pretty special. It was even more special when the lambs began nursing on their own. I spent several hours yesterday either milking the ewe (got two pints out of her before the lambs could even get their mouths on to nurse) or trying to get the lambs nursing. The buck lamb got it pretty quick, but the ewe lamb took a lot longer. Both lambs are black with white splotches and are, of course, incredibly cute.

We grilled out for Easter. Beautiful day even if it was chilly still. Joe made it down to eat with us and was a great help with the grilling (it must be a guy thing) and helping me get the lambs nursing. The first lamb chops on the grill with salad, potato salad, and homemade garlic French bread was delicious.

Dad’s officially injured. He fell off the porch and may have cracked some ribs so he’s pretty sore. He hurt himself washing the coffee pot this morning, so yeah it’s that bad. He and Maxine are going to be quite a pair this week. I dropped her off to get spayed today. Two surgeries in a month she’s starting not to like the vet as much.

Got a busy week this week. Driving to Toledo today, phone calls (all farm related), Maxine and Dad to keep an eye on, cows and writing. It must be spring. We’re finally busy again.