Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chicken catching 101

You know you live in the country when your best friend calls you, asks what you're doing later tonight, and, when you say nothing, she asks if you want to help her catch chickens.

Hey, I can't make this shit up.

Our neighbors have a lot of chickens and they need to move them. So my friend calls to enlist my help, knowing that of all her friends (she was the popular girl in high school) I'm one of the only ones who'll say sure. (Which of course I did.) It remains to be seen if we have to carry each chicken individually from one coop to another or if we'll be allowed to put them in cages or containers and move 10-20 at a time. In my mind, this would make more sense, but in the rules that govern the fine farmers of this area, new ideas may go the way of the horse and cart. Which I hear may make a come back after General Motors gets on top of this bankruptcy thing.

So remember to call your friends the next time you need to catch a chicken. It's one of the ties that bind in a tight economy. Or its at least good for a laugh.