Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bad Pirate Movies

My honey is getting an MRI done on his arm tonight, seeing how bad he managed to hurt himself lifting lawn chairs. Hopefully it’s not career-ending. I’m sure he’d hate to give up his dream of laying tile for a living. (That was sarcasm by the way.)

The garden and my herbs are growing well. So are the chickens. The little Barred Rocks are starting to get wing feathers and the older chicks have developed a keen curiosity, especially in the dog. Maxine lays and stares at them until they come to see her, then Max nips at the chicks through the wire, they bite her nose, and Max tries to get them to play with her. The chickens just kind of stare at her like she’s nuts (which she is). Of course, I must not be much better since I get as big a kick out of the whole process as they do.

Watched the Redwings game last night. Not bad. But Friday’s the big one. Looking forward to that one. It’s gotta be better than this badly acted, mildly pornographic pirate movie, cleverly titled Pirates, that I’m watching right now. At least it’s so bad it’s funny.