Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hockey and hay

Getting settled in to watch game five of the Stanley Cup. Go Redwings.

We got hay in today and yesterday. Dad cut part of the field a couple days ago, I raked yesterday, and he baled last night. We forgot until we were hooking up the baler to go to the field that the hydraulic hose on the baler was cracked. No time to fix it. So he baled like a son of a bitch and we retrieved 42 bales from the field today and stacked them in the hay barn. Good thing too. The afternoon went dark and it’s supposed to rain.

Nothing else new. Gram’s birthday dinner tomorrow. Thursday was the day, but I had two dates that night and Dad was exhausted and pissed off about the steel building. $300 to get the bolts sent and they didn’t send enough. Again.

All right, it’s hockey.