Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I love big books

I just finished reading World Without End by Ken Follett. Great, great book. I've always been a fan of long books and this one follows Pillars of the Earth spectacularly. It's the continuing saga of Kingsbridge Priory, 200 years after the building of it in Pillars. The characters are the descendants of the original cast and are no less complicated, frustrating, or emotionally stirring than the first. The Gwenda-Ralph relationship is enough to get anyone pissed off. And Caris and Merthin are an example of how love can last a lifetime. No romance in the story is a Cinderella love, but instead shows how love takes many guises and changes over a lifetime. Even the plague acts as its own distinct presence in the novel, taking the place, I think, of the finicky cathedral that took so much presence in the first novel. In World, the church acts more as a setting and less of a character in its own right.

Anyway, there's your book review for the day. Good book. Go. Read.