Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cheaper than Sex

I’ve got a spider that lives outside my window. It doesn’t hurt anything, so we kind of have a live and let live policy. Another one was there earlier in the year and kept its web neater, but it must’ve died or something. Anyway, it prompted me to find out what kind of spider it was. Near as I can tell, it’s an orb-weaver. It moved its web around the window until it figured out the best place was right by my lamp, so we have a symbiotic relationship that is very new for me and a spider. Cool.

Orb-weavers are non-poisonous and non-aggressive, according to They are light brown and prefer garden areas or windows where they construct large webs, even 6 feet or more, to entrap their prey, like flies and mosquitoes. We’ve got enough of those around here. It’s actually not bad as spiders go, small and interesting to watch. As long as there’s a pane of glass between me and it.

It was a library day today. I love libraries. I call it my crack. I’m that addicted to books. They don’t even have to be good books, just the prospect of the written word, especially in university library quantities, leaves me with that childlike sense of wonder that I remember from my earliest reverence of books and libraries. Some people must feel that way about church or deity, but I have that reverence for books, like my god is books.

Yeah, I be a geek.

Oh well. It’s cheaper than coke or ex.