Monday, July 13, 2009

Farm Living

Busy week last week. I almost never have that much social shit going on. I almost missed quiet nights at home. I got one yesterday though. Of course I had a vascular headache (near as I can figure) to go with it. Uck. But I’m back at it today and looking forward to Thursday when one of my dad’s friends is flying in for a visit.

Has anyone else out there noticed that there’s not much info out there on rewriting? I mean there’s tons on writing, but what about after the first true complete book is done? Do you just hand it off to someone else? How do you evaluate what to keep and what to trash of that first complete book? What 70% or more gets axed? I’ve heard that a final manuscript is the original minus X percent. Who makes that call? The author? Sometimes that feels like the least useful person to make that call. I guess that’s where the men and the boys separate. Or a really good first reader comes in. And research. Good research. Maybe I’m just cranky and should be done for the night.

I put the chickens to bed and got the bull fed and watered. I’m almost afraid to walk out and look at the cows. They always want fresh pasture and while it’s keeping up so far this year, it’s hardly scrumptious anymore. The damn bull keeps rubbing his way out the gates, still pissed off his boyfriend is gone. I didn’t think cattle moped like this. Even cows get over losing their calves after a week at max. Maybe the bull just misses the cows. He can see them, but can’t get to them. Namely because he would breed his daughters and a cow we’re giving a dry year and that would be bad. But the bull is staying in the barn for now and that’s all anyone can ask for.

So I’m gonna try to get to bed early tonight and hit it hard again tomorrow. If rewriting doesn’t kill me, character profiles or the bull will.