Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Homesteading Again

The chickens have escaped already this morning. They flew the coop in search of grass and bugs. So long as they don’t go from Gram’s flowers, all will be good. I can’t account for their safety should they press the bounds of her flower beds.

I baked like a fool yesterday. French bread, bagels, and cookies. Then I got 1900 words so my baking theory worked. Also steamed and froze three quarts of peas and much spinach. So much spinach. It was after dark when I got out to water my hot tub garden, which is in bad need of repotting or real ground. My feet hurt from spending so much time standing in the kitchen. I’d also put together what Dad called gourmet quesadillas, adding another hour to my kitchen time. So I was pretty sick of the place by dark. But I was watering and realized that I wouldn’t want to spend my day any other way. That’s why we farm or homestead, or whatever it is we do I guess. Cash flow would be nice though. But selling the little bull helped with that.

I have plans to go out tonight, which I’m looking forward to. Barring any disasters of course. And hopefully this weekend Dad and I can wean the steer calves so the bull has someone to play with. He’s been downright sad since the little bull left. ASA is charging an obscene amount to register cattle these days and the new owners want the little bull registered. Which is completely reasonable with a purebred herd. But the Simmental Association looks to be going the same way people said the Quarter Horse Association was going, that is, charging so much to register animals and farms that no one bothers. It’s hardly worth $60 to register a $500 heifer, especially when you could put that money toward feed or fuel. Anyway, that’s my rant for the day. Don’t even get me started on the whole herd database.