Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bulls and peas

The big red bull is in jail this morning. He’s been there almost since the little red bull left. I let him out in the exercise yard yesterday, but he got to pushing the fences so bad Dad had to put him back in his cell last night. All reports are the little red bull left without a problem, but Big Red is moping that his boyfriend is gone. Poor guy. But he seems content enough in the barn, so he’ll stay there until we can figure out what to do with him. The problem is that if he really wants to get out, there’s no electric fence on the place that’ll hold him. Dad said if Big Red escaped, just saddle Sonny and take Red all the way to Lake Odessa to the sale barn. There isn’t a fence to stop him from here to Grand Rapids if he gets on the river.

I shelled peas for nearly three hours last night. I shelled till I couldn’t shell no more, then shelled some more. It was a ten pound bag of peas, I swear. It was peaceful picking though, with the chickens making soft noises and fluttering around, with the wind and the sun, and the dogs pacing and wrestling around. Shelling was peaceful too in its own way, but took forever. Luckily I had The Tutors Showtime series to keep me company. I didn’t like the series at first, but I got wrapped up in the characters. Not sure how accurate the history is, probably only loosely, but it’s everything one thinks of with the Tutor dynasty, political, sexy, extravagant, and lush. I can’t remember if I already raved about Love and Other Disasters with Britney Murphy, but I’m loving that film too. Like right up there with High Fidelity and that’s one of all time top fives.

Psyching up to bake bread today and perhaps cookies, not sure yet. Maybe the baking will help me find my way into a scene today. At least I’ll have time to work while the bread rises.