Monday, July 6, 2009

A very late happy Fourth of July to all

The chickens are taking over my life. That’s my only excuse for such laxity around here.

Hope everyone had a great fourth. We did. We worked. Dad constructed a chicken pen and I drove to Toledo from Gram. I got a free breakfast out of the deal so it’s hardly all bad. I highly recommend the Fowlerville Farms restaurant in, you guessed it, Fowlerville, by the way. I’m not much of a large breakfast person, I prefer small meals throughout the day, but their eggs, sausage, hash browns, and country toast were excellent. It actually tasted like food and was filling, both of which are good points where food is concerned. Toast was great. Homemade maybe, but I’m not sure. Can’t speak to the coffee. Gram and I stopped in late and what she got must have been on the burner awhile. I’m sure before 11:30 in the morning it’s great. The service was quick and pleasant and two breakfasts only cost $15, leaving neither of us needing to eat again for awhile. This was Sunday though so it was good to go home and drink though, let’s not get stupid. It’s a long drive and a holiday weekend after all.

2T, my little red bull, found a new home over the weekend. YEY! The new owners are very pleased with him and I’m glad he found a place in the world. He’s the first bull I’ve sold, even before I moved down here, so it’s made me feel really good about what Dad and I are doing with the cow herd. Kind of an affirmation that someone else out there wants our genetics. Very cool.