Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Life Lessons from a Chicken

It’s a lovely day in Michigan today. Warm, low humidity. Beautiful. I dug potatoes this morning and left them to cure. Yesterday Dana and I repotted the herbs on the hot tub and made happy plants. I dried herbs for essential oil and tea and put up some beet greens. Very farm wifey lately. And writerly too, I got 3,500 words together this morning. Yey. Made the cows happy too with a round bale to supplement their sparse pasture. I didn’t get down to fix the top wire on the back fence, but it’s not critical so it can wait until later on today. I’ve had more energy lately which has been great. Seems like I’ve been tired for months. I went off vitamins and started meditating some and boom, I’m back to energetic and motivated. Weird. But so not complaining.

They’ve been harvesting wheat up and down the road this week, baling wheat straw. Second cutting is short, I checked the field last night. But it’s thick and beautiful looking. Too bad we didn’t get all the rain the weather forecasters predicted over the last few weeks, the grass it’d be taller.

The chickens are very into kitchen scraps lately. One grabs something choice and runs away with it, then another chicken chases him and takes it away. Yesterday one chick announced that he had something and ran off with it, a group of chickens chased him down and took it away. Then he did it again and got his snack taken away again. The chickens who just sit on the pile and eat are the smart ones. But they get so worried that someone else has something better. I guess it’s a life lesson, don’t crow about what you have or it’ll get taken away, and don’t hoard the pile or you sit and get fat and get eaten first.