Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Calving season began with a lull... I wish.

I’ve been a lazy blogger lately. With Dad gone, I have more to do than sit around and think up shit to write about. Not good as far as excuses go, but it's the truth. And I had my first calf of the season on Saturday. I started a blog that day, but never posted it. So here’s what I had to say about her:

80R calved this morning on her own. YEY! Beautiful little heifer calf. Of course, four hours after I found her, a coyote came sniffing around. Little prick. But the cow has the calf up by the barn now so hopefully everything will be fine. The calf is small, not much taller than Zip, maybe 65 pounds. Did I mention adorable?

She’s still the cutest thing ever. Jury is still out on a name.

Something killed a chicken Saturday night. So I buried that. Something is just wrong when you’re home on a Saturday night burying a dead chicken. Sunday the dogs killed a young woodchuck and I buried that too. I’d rather bury things like that than calves though. Especially after I saw a coyote through my binoculars after 80R calved. Luckily, it left, but good god. We’re being invaded.

Got a lot of canning done this week and farm work. Oiled my saddle on Sunday and have almost two bushel of tomatoes to put up when they ripen a little. Dad and Jenny should be home tonight so maybe she and I can start making salsa or can tomatoes whole or something. I’ve enjoyed the time on my own. Had a lot of time to think. Better get rockin’ though. I’ve got to help Gram later and be awake enough to deal with her. That woman is intense in the morning.