Tuesday, March 30, 2010

News From the Congo

I'm not much for blogging on news, but here's something that came through my inbox that I had to pass on.

LRA “Makombo massacre” of over 300 Congolese in December 2009 brought to international attention

Makes the health care thing look pretty small, doesn't it? 300 people would have been about half the population of the town I grew up in. Imagine if we lived in these conditions. It reinforces my humble opinion that government needs to pare back to what's really important, not money and lifetime cushy jobs, but analyze what their job really means: serving the people and setting a precedent for behavior. That is the role of leaders after all. Look at Beowulf, the poem and the man a complete code of behavior. I'd like to see someone, anyone, in politics now go slay a dragon.


Rowenna said...

We are so spoiled, aren't we?

I try to avoid conflating "politician" with "leader" becauase you're right--mostly our politicians don't display real leadership qualities, that "first in the advance and last in the retreat" sort of model.