Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Catalogue Poem

Today’s poem of the poetry challenge is called a bestiary or catalogue poem. A catalogue poem tends more toward prose than verse, listing a catalogue of things, thus the term catalogue poem. A bestiary is a type of catalogue poem, usually listing fantastic beasts, dragons, demons, unicorns, and other beasties, and was popular in the Middle Ages in illustrated volumes that outlined natural, and unnatural, history. A catalogue poem is based on anaphora, a poetic device that calls for repetition of structure, which basically means a certain phrase, theme, or line is repeated. Neither have to rhyme and there’s no rule about length.

Weird weather here in Michigan. Tornado warnings yesterday and the temperature alternated from cold to muggy all day. Spent most of the day in the parlor. Guy I was milking with was on his fourth shift in a row, so pretty slaphappy after 20 of 24 hours in the cow barn and only an hour and a half of sleep. FYI: two five-hour energy drinks do not equal ten-hours of sleep.