Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Merely Marjoram

J and I potted plant starts this past weekend and didn’t do much to awaken either of our inner gardener. Most of my herbs didn’t make it (old seeds and too wet) so maybe you shouldn’t listen to me on the basics of gardening. So I’m brushing up with Haven’t actually gotten around to reading much, but I know it’s there. :)

While potting, J kept asking questions (surprise surprise) and I realized that I had no idea why I’d planted some of my herbs. I knew they had a purpose when I picked them, but I couldn’t recall what it was. So let’s go over that shall we and maybe shy away from actually putting seeds in the ground. That seems to be where, for me, things go horribly horribly wrong this year.

Marjoram was the first herb I couldn’t remember why I planted it. It smells good yes, but what it’s for? No idea. Going back to my trusty herb book, Jude’s Herbal by Jude C. Williams, M.H., marjoram grows to a foot tall and treats asthma, mainly. It can also be used to make a tea for nervous tension and indigestion. Boil a cup of water and pour over several sprigs of marjoram steep covered for ten minutes, strain and sweeten with honey.