Monday, June 7, 2010

Too Much?

A short weekend but a good one. J came up Saturday night and Sunday we ate breakfast with my grandma, aunt, uncle, a cousin, Dad, and Momma J, then moved cattle to the back pasture and walked fence, fixing the multiple spots with deer damage. Weeds are pretty heavy on the fence so I don’t have a good pulse, but a little is better than nuthin’ and at least the cows are pretty used to staying in where they need to be.

We then went and walked the ledges, a pretty trail along the Grand River, and met up with Dad and MJ at the local bar for pizza and beer before J and I continued on to Iron Man II. Great blow shit up movie. Loved the lightning whips. I showed J the first soybean field he’d ever gotten up close and personal with. There’s a lot of firsts with the two of us I guess.

So the tension is starting to leave my shoulders and that panicky feeling has subsided a little. I work ten days on and four days off, but lately has been closer to eleven or twelve days on and two off, sometimes not even with days off occurring together. And even if I’m not at work, I’m thinking about or working on the farm, or writing, so unless I’m with J, I’m more or less constantly working or brooding about it. Does anyone else have this problem? And what more, is it a bad thing? Is there a point where we work too hard, too much, and maybe need some rehab? I sure as hell don’t know. Leave me a comment and let’s figure it out.

And while you’re at it, let me know what you think of these two images, only with the second one, the cow hoof print, in place of the dog paw print inside the heart, but with the hoof print in the same color scheme.


Rowenna said...

On your current job, not so much. I leave here and I'm out. I think working in an office facilitates that.

But my hobbies...yeah, I can get a little too intense on those, especially the reenacting thing. I'll sometimes realize that, between administrative stuff, mending stuff, and actually doing stuff, I've spent more than my 40 hours a week. On a hobby.

Can we even get into how obsessive writing can make you? Especially, for me, in the drafting stage?