Friday, June 4, 2010

Pause for PR

Whoa mental burn. Lotsa words this morning. If you don’t believe me, check out on Suite 101. Or go directly to my profile at to check out my book reviews, scuba diving article, recipes for drinks a la Hemingway style, and a girl’s night in with dinner and a book.

So boring blog today, mostly a PR thing. The book reviews I wrote came out and those are at
Sacramento Book Review and San Francisco Book Review. And watch for my book reviews on Amazon as well. I'll publish a list of the books I review every so often so its easier to keep track.

Working on linking up all my internet social networking sites with all this publishing success (said with tongue in cheek, since it's web content, not Shakespeare), so just for quick reference, I'm on and Facebook so stop in and bug me there too whenever y'all feel like it.

Cardio time now. And dishes. And mowing lawn… When is it supposed to start raining? (grin)