Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Book Review: Strip by Delta Dupree

Strip by Delta Dupree is part of Kensington’s Aphrodisia line. It’s a particularly sultry line of erotic romance that can be sneaky to find. Here in Lansing, the only book store that I’m aware of that doesn’t try to sneak it in with all the romance is Schuler’s. While sexually explicit, the plot is more what’s based on sex than some lines of erotic novels (I’m thinking the Black Lace series, a British version of Harlequin romance with sex acts of some kind in every chapter).

The book itself is hot and features strip club owners Rio Saunders and Bryce Sullivan. They are opposites in most senses of the word: she’s black, he’s white, she’s middle aged, he’s in his late twenties, he’s fire, she’s water. And neither one of them plans on a particularly sexy dance becoming something more. The real treat in this novel are some of the supporting characters. Rio’s business partner and friend, Galaxeé, is a riot and a half. But through shady business deals, strip teases that’ll leave you gasping, and a mock kidnapping, it’s entertaining to say the least to read on as these two characters argue their way into bed, and sometimes onto the desk, again and again. It's fairly typical for erotic romance. Personally, I like my erotica with a little less romantic drama, but there's plenty of sheet time and the characters are developed enough to carry the heavy erotic themes. Worth a look. I mean, after all, male strippers! =D

Other titles by this author are Cuffed Heat and Purely Sexual. Blind Heat is her forthcoming work. Delta Dupree is a reformed tomboy who learned the art of making love and not war. Find her at