Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Farmer Up

I've been a fan of this phrase for awhile, but have been unable to refer those who ask me about it to the place where I found it. So here it is.

Farmer Up - We've all heard the saying, "Anything worth having in life is worth fighting for." In my opinion, this is true when you look at a career in agriculture. Sure there will be tough times, and many days when you work longer and harder than you would at an 8 to 5 job, but when times get tough, FARMER UP and work that much harder.

Farmer Up - When times were tough for our parents and grandparents, they didn't run away, they stood their ground and worked that much harder to provide for their families and our country. I know from talking with my grandparents that farming 30 years ago was no walk in the park like the movies want viewers to believe. They had just as many worries and struggles as we do today in farming but they never gave up. So when times get tough, or you hear a young person say there is no future in an agriculture career, FARMER UP and help spread the TRUTH, help tell the story of Agriculture!


Rowenna said...

Love this sentiment :) Our reenacting group often falls back on "Man up" or, way more often "Man the F*** up" when someone's in danger of wussing out. We also have "Wool up" slang for "It's frigging hot but we're real men and can wear our full kit, thanks very much. Time to pile on a few more layers and go bake on the field." Shows the love, really :)