Monday, August 23, 2010

A Day in the Life

Up 5:30 a.m. Wake up on friend’s couch to drooling 120 pound black lap staring. Get rousted and drink coffee and chat with rest of household until time to take off for Mount Pleasant to meet with former mentor. Early, so read and write in car and at table until she shows. Chat for an hour before she must go see to flooded office and I must go home to check in and treat a sick calf. Go home, catch up, take a quarter beef to Flint (hour drive) and hang with bf as he picks up parts in Lapeer and goes to KU to weld and test parts until 10:30 at night. Head home early next day, workout and call butcher (while still wet and half-naked from shower)and need to pick up and deliver beef. Drive to Saranac (45 minutes) and pick up beef (15 minutes) drive home and load beef in coolers and pretend not talking to dead steer as sweat ass off in 90% humidity heat. Drive like hell 2 hours to Van Burean and deliver meat. Follow bf home and do laundry. Leave early in am to brave Ann Arbor rush hour traffic and pick up Gram by 9 am. Drive hour forty-five home and have calf on the ground. Drop crap and have time to workout after helping Dad replace cutter bar in mower conditioner. Run to town for bank and groceries. Catch Dad by five so can treat calves and go to work, work 6:30 to 11. While at work some punk-ass kid who can never work his own shift asks to take his (again) but is unable to take one later. Say will do for $15 (extra hour and a half wages). He agrees. So home, check calves (one of which is still not nursing, trying to but too excited to get on the tit, decide to leave for morning) nap fast, up late (8 am) check email and workout, first calf is nursing and have another calf to treat so treat him and go to work (11am) and do double. Home at 11:30 pm, finish drafting book reviews, and fall into bed by 2 am. Work another double that day and hook up with bf at night. Too tired to go out and eat so fix a freezer pizza and pass out before he gets out of the shower. Wake up next day and its gonna be a good day. ;) Make breakfast, check cows, go to town for a few things, start canning peaches and fixing supper for 6, as we have Gram and a friend coming over for supper. By 9 pm too tired to stand any longer and retire to bf’s lap as conversation slowly diminishes around the room as others get tired as well. Retire to bed only to realize that current fav book is missing the following hundred pages, another hundred pages from a previous portion of the book being repeated in their place. Disgusted, throw book down and roll over to cuddle hard with the honey. First thing tomorrow, call bookstore.

For those of you who’ve been wondering where I’ve been, this sums up the past couple weeks. Can anyone spell chaos and insanity?