Monday, May 26, 2008

Loving is not just looking at each other, it's looking in the same direction. --Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Sooooo true. And I'm figuring that out the older I get and the more I farm. (Long story.)

I took the weekend off without really meaning to. But, since the last week went so up and down, I figured it wouldn’t hurt anything. Besides, I got to grease equipment with Dad and mortar a window. I mean, how fun is that? We would have put up cross-members on the fence, but Dad got called away on a job. He could be doing the fence by himself or still drinking beer with the guys for all I know. Just wish I had some guys to drink beer with. (Sigh.)

It’s been way too windy here the last few weeks. Like crazy-windy. Its beating the hell out of the tomato and pepper plants we got in the garden last night. The garden’s doing well other than that, though, so that’s an improvement. I mean, I haven’t killed anything yet and we’ve had seeds in a week and plants in for, oh, twenty hours.

That was the blog I wrote before Dad called and we went horseback riding. He rode his bay horse, Argo, the gassiest horse on earth, which is a change. Usually he takes Rio, his sorrel. I took my white colt (still a colt at six years old, the kind of personality that will always be a colt), which is a change from my usual paint gelding, Sonny. So Argo and the white colt were an interesting combination, since Argo’s the queen bi-atch and the colt is… well, the colt.

Wow. This “Two-and-a-half-Men” is making me really hungry.


So Dad’s home again tomorrow and hopefully we can get another ride in and some more work around the farm. I’d like to catch up on my writing and finish cleaning the living room. Ya know, when they say spring cleaning, you shouldn’t leave the cleaning all year until spring. It gets really dusty. (Joke.)